Prior to bringing a new technology to market, it is critical that our clients proceed in an informed, strategic manner. This includes determining whether the technology could potentially be protected by a patent. This also includes determining whether there are any infringement issues that our clients should be aware of, such as third party patents or trademarks.

Volpe Koenig has vast experience performing intellectual property studies and providing reasoned opinions to clients, such as patentability studies, freedom to operate and clearance analyses, and invalidity studies.

Our professionals have both an expansive knowledge of intellectual property law as well as technical experience in relevant technologies. In providing intellectual property opinions, we take into account a client’s overall business model and relevant industry in evaluating an innovation’s novelty, utility, and non-obviousness as compared to the field’s prior art. With several former patent examiners and technological experts providing in-house searching capabilities in a wide variety of technology areas, Volpe Koenig can efficiently focus on the significant body of prior art that may impact the concept at issue.

When working to clear products for market, Volpe Koenig also relies on its years of experience counseling clients in litigation regarding potential risks posed by third-party patents and trademarks. In situations where the intellectual property landscape warrants a more granular review, the work is tactically performed with the global market in mind. In this way, Volpe Koenig provides support for our clients’ comprehensive risk management approach.


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