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Consumer products companies face fierce competition to be the first to market, to increase manufacturing capacity, based on consumer demand, and to have a recognizable brand. Our team understands the fast pace of technological advances, the rapidly evolving consumer needs and the importance of brand loyalty. Whether you require guidance on protecting your products, services or brand, or need to consider licensing opportunities, Volpe Koenig has the knowledge and experience to assist you in sustaining a competitive advantage in the market.

Volpe Koenig has a long history of working with consumer products clients in diverse industries. The firm has represented some of the most-recognized brands in the country. Our team of consumer products attorneys includes professionals with backgrounds in mechanical, electrical, textile and industrial engineering. We consult with you fully to understand your unique inventions. Our attorneys work with clients to develop comprehensive, targeted intellectual property strategies that may include a combination of utility and design patent protection, trademarks, copyrights, and measures to maintain trade secrets.

Our expansive background in managing intellectual property for all consumer products enables us to educate senior management teams, delivering sophisticated and customized counseling.

Volpe Koenig attorneys have experience representing clients in consumer products industries such as:

• Consumer electronics and software
• Toys and games
• Baby gear
• Sporting goods
• Health and beauty products
• Food and beverage products
• Automobile parts
• Fabrics and apparel
• Luxury goods and accessories
• Furniture
• Stationary products
• Watches

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  • 09.20.2023

    This episode of IP Goes Pop!®, takes you on a journey through the iconic world of the Barbie universe and brand, exploring its deep-rooted connections with pop culture and intellectual property law. Hop in the dream car and journey with Volpe Koenig Shareholders and podcast hosts, Michael Snyder and Joseph Gushue to a land of pink corvettes, with a few pitstops at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Kicking off with a discussion of the recent cinematic triumphs of the Barbie movie released this year (2023), your hosts delve into how this classic brand has been brought to life on the big screen captivating audiences around the globe.

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