Alternative Dispute Resolution


Alternative Dispute Resolution, often simply "ADR," is generally recognized as a way of more efficiently settling disputes outside of the courtroom. Depending on the parties, ADR can happen as an early neutral's review of the issues or as an active mediation with a neutral mediator or arbitration under a variety of different formats. In almost all incidences of ADR, the focus is to avoid court delays, the cost of active litigation, and the associated business interruptions of the ligation process.

Whether the parties chose one form of ADR or another, it is critical for a party to have counsel that understands more than just the mechanics of the process. Counsel must be capable of critically evaluating the respective positions of the parties in light of the fact and the controlling law in the absence of party bias. This critical evaluation will inform the party's path to the best business resolution and the position or positions advocated in the procedure. In establishing the ADR positions, counsel and the party must work to establish a level of positions from the most favorable to that which is the least acceptable based on the facts and the law.

Volpe Koenig's ADR attorneys are skilled at evaluating the relevant facts and law without party bias to determine the preferred form of ADR. The Volpe Koenig attorneys understand the available options for best structuring the ADR process to the particular issues and the manner of presenting a forceful case within that process.

While early ADR can save the most cost, it is never too late to consider a Volpe Koenig attorney as your representative in an ADR proceeding.


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