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Volpe Koenig’s Startup Group focuses on distilling the intellectual property world into a workable framework that any budding company, entrepreneur, or creator can leverage. From developing your brand to carving out your technical market share, this framework provides tools for IP self-education, development, and cost management.

Our holistic team approach puts you in the driver seat for identifying your IP needs by providing FAQs, instructional videos, and one-page forms. Our FAQs are a quick reference to address the most common concerns, thereby avoiding misinformation. Our instructional videos provide next-level education that will raise your IP intelligence, giving you an edge for fundraising and development. Our one-page forms provide an easy and confidential mechanism to share your IP with the Startup Group, to help minimize your time and your legal costs.

The Startup Group brings extensive experience for accurately and quickly sizing up your IP needs from the one-page forms. Our experience blends both technical proficiencies and legal capabilities that have been acquired serving a diverse roster of U.S. and global clients, as well as personal experience in direct/angel investing and IP procurement and licensing. Since our advice is the most valuable when we understand your business goals, our initial consultation focuses on listening to you and learning about your business. Once we understand your business, we formulate goals for your trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and copyrights. Using these IP goals, we can devise of the best IP strategy.

Because our group readily understands how daunting procuring an attorney can be, our IP services a la carte menu coupled with our client-friendly on-boarding procedures will make your engagement with us both certain and tranquil. That is, we can together determine which fix fee entrée best matches your selected IP strategy, while simplifying the attorney engagement process.

Volpe Koenig is excited to facilitate your project. Welcome to the IP world. Welcome to your innovation. Let’s get to work!

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