Season 2 Ep #14: If the Shoe Fits- IP and the World of Sneakers

  • Season 2 Ep #14: If the Shoe Fits- IP and the World of Sneakers

    From the iconic Air Jordans to the Reebok Pumps to the undeniable influence of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars, sneakers have become pop-culture currency. As their status has shifted from a piece of sports equipment, meant to be scuffed up, into collectors’ items that are kept in pristine conditions, sneaker culture has become a multi-billion dollar market. So how do you, as a brand or consumer, guarantee your shoes are authentic and not just well-done knock-offs? What intellectual property (IP) protections are there for shoes and how do these protections help you in a global market?

    This week on IP Goes Pop! co-hosts and Volpe Koenig Shareholders, Michael Snyder and Joseph Gushue, are joined by former New Balance Senior Counsel of Intellectual Property and Global Brand Protection, Dan McKinnon. Dan, who is currently CEO of Proof Authentication, Corp., shares his experience in dealing with the ever-shifting world of counterfeit products, and the IP challenges that arise in the face of, what Dan calls, “parasite brands.”

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1:33 Introduction to  Dan McKinnon and Proof Authentication, Corp.

3:46 Sneakers in Popular Culture

16:40 IP in the World of Sneakers

  • Sneakers and the Problem of Counterfeiting
    • Trademarks and Logos
    • Design Patents as “back-door” trademark protection
    • “Parasite Brands”
  • Patent Protection in China
    • How it compares with IP protections in the USA
  • Authentication Technology
    • Consumer education
    • Infrared tags
    • Holograms
    • Importance for other industries
      • Pharmaceuticals

    36:10 Final Thoughts - The Future of Combating Counterfeits

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