Image Processing


Capturing and processing image data is the backbone of a myriad of lucrative applications, ranging from consumer electronics to behind-the-scenes fields reliant on imaging and signal processing, such as exploration geophysics. Whether an invention relates to image capture, color processing, signal processing, transformations, compositing, recognition, or wavelets, Volpe Koenig helps clients ensure they reap the benefits of their research and development.

Volpe Koenig’s electrical and computer technology professionals offer practical experience in the technologies surrounding visual media. As with other fields, there exists a need for licensing agreements with other companies with related technologies. Our attorneys and patent agents are able to understand the concepts, foresee challenges and effectively obtain protection for our clients’ image processing innovations.

Volpe Koenig’s professionals work with a wide range of image processing IP technologies including:

  • Video processing
  • Digital video encoding and decoding
  • Medical imaging
  • Watermarking
  • Image segmentation
  • Pattern recognition
  • Biomedical applications
  • Pre- and post-processing (correction)
  • Image sensing
  • MPEG video compression
  • JPEG photo compression


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