Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are the present and future of innovation. It impacts nearly every commercial industry including electronics, software, communication, medical devices, farming, pharmaceuticals, etc., and will continue to drive further innovation and value for decades. AI-based innovations grow in complexity and reach based on the amount of available information and data captured on a daily basis. It is critically important to capture innovation in AI now, while such innovation is in its infancy.

Our AI team of attorneys, agents, and technical advisors is at the forefront of AI related intellectual property protection initiatives and is well equipped to guide our clients through its related challenges.

We closely monitor developments in patent law and patent office practices to counsel our clients through AI prosecution. We review commonly known AI patent pain points such as subject matter 35 USC § 101 hurdles and also monitor case law and guidance documents for more nuanced considerations that can help obtain coverage for AI related patent applications.

Our AI team is well equipped to provide guidance regarding optimal protection through trade secrets verses patents in specific scenarios, and counsels clients accordingly. All members of our AI team implement an AI specific inventor communication process to ensure that all aspects of AI driven inventions (e.g., Input Data, Model Generation, Training Process, Post Processing, etc.) are considered and claimed, as applicable.


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