Ep #3: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property - Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal

  • Ep #3: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property - Open the Pod Bay Doors Hal

    In this episode of IP Goes Pop!, Jay Halt, Shareholder at Volpe Koenig, and Ankit Aggarwal, Associate at Volpe Koenig, join Shareholder Michael Snyder to talk about Artificial Intelligence in pop culture. They discuss inventorship and how it can become even more complicated when Artificial Intelligence is added to the picture.

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01:24  Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Pop Culture
05:08  Patents and Inventorship
            Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP)
07:46  Difficulties/issues with determining inventorship (even for humans)
10:08  Reduction to practice
11:40  Can machines think? Can machines invent?
12:22  Turing Test
            Turing test | Definition & Facts
            Turing test
            The Turing Test (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
15:40  Can an Artificial Intelligence be considered the inventor of a patent?
            An AI that makes road maps from aerial images
16:21  First filed patent application claiming an Artificial Intelligence inventor
            Artificial Intelligence | USPTO
18:08  Ramifications of current USPTO position
            Okay,Google®: Can AI Be Granted Inventorship to a Patent?
20:44  Advantages/disadvantages of naming AI as an inventor
25:09  Owner of an invention/patent and assignment
32:48  Conclusion

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