Power of Intellectual Property and Raising Capital

Volpe Koenig is teaming up with the Angel Venture Fair for the second annual Power of Intellectual Property and Raising Capital seminar on Zoom.  Register


8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. Volpe Koenig attorneys explain the various Intellectual Property options such as:

  • Type of intellectual property and how it is used
  • Time it takes to file
  • Time it takes on average to receive approvals
  • Estimated budgeting costs for different intellectual property

8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Panel of early stage companies that have filed for different intellectual property discuss:

  • The time and expense.
  • The value they found from doing it.
  • What they learned that they didn’t know before the process.
  • How investors valued their IP when raising capital.


Brian Grega, CEO & CO-Founder, Negotio
John Killoran, Jr., CEO, Scoop
Donna Richardson, CEO, CollaMedix, Inc
Rob Weber, co-founder, CEO of Agile Switch

9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Entrepreneurs Presenting and Getting Feedback from Investors

Joshua Nelson, Founder/ CEO, Emotional Ideas, Inc.
Michelle Carfagno, Founder/CEO, The Greater Knead, Inc.

9:30 a.m. to 10: a.m. Panel of investors talk about the value of IP when evaluating companies.

  • What IP holds the greatest value
  • What IP holds the least amount of value
  • How investors value IP
  • What are the biggest mistakes companies make related to IP

Mark Mitchell, angel investor, Delaware Crossing Investor Group
Robert Padulo, angel investor, Broad Street Angels and Keiretsu Forum
Katherine O'Neill, angel Investor, JumpStart New Jersey


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