Ep 10: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets a Patent

  • Ep 10: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets a Patent

    This week IP Goes Pop!® makes patents fun (or at least tries)! Volpe Koenig Shareholder and IP Goes Pop!® guest Randy Huis is back to explore the world of toy patents with host Michael Snyder.

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In this episode we invite you to journey back to a time before computer screens, to play along and see if you can guess the famous toys behind some obscure patent descriptions and titles. What is a “Whirligig”? Did you play with one as a kid, or even now? Find out on this week’s episode.

Show Notes

1:17   IP Goes Pop! Ep #4: Intellectual Property in the Cartoon World of The Simpsons - Brands and inventions in the Springfield Universe

2:52  Patent Models Innovation Patent Models and Prototypes
Hagley Museum and Library

6:06   Volpe Koenig Patent Models*

6:19   US109618A “Improvement in automaton rope-walkers” (November 29, 1870)

9:13   US202990A “Improvement in jumping toys” (April 30, 1878)

11:40 US207835A “Improvement in game-tables” (September 10, 1878)

13:48 US5074437A “Pinch trigger pump water gun” (December 24, 1991)

20:23 US3660926A “Magnetically coupled toy assembly” (May 9, 1972)

21:55 US4378116A “Spatial logical toy” (March 29, 1983)

23:46 US3005282A “Toy building brick” (October 10, 1961)

25:58 US59745A “Whirligig” (November 11, 1866)

27:45 US3359678A “Flying saucer” (December 12, 1967)

29:14 What is the role of a patent attorney? Why value does a patent add ?

35:37 US2415012A “Toy and process of use” (January 1, 1947)

37:57 Conclusion - Value of mechanical toys in the world of screens

Volpe Koenig Patent Models
Patent Models from Volpe Koenig's Collection


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