Season 2 Ep #4 Edison v. Tesla- A Shocking History

  • Season 2 Ep #4 Edison v. Tesla- A Shocking History

    This week on IP Goes Pop! Fellow Volpe Koenig Shareholder Wesley McMichael joins Michael Snyder to talk about inventors Thomas Edison’s and Nikola Tesla’s “battle of currents”.

    Michael and Wes have an electric conversation about the race to light up the country and the patents that both paved the way for providing power. They explore the difference between the direct current (DC), championed, sometimes to a shocking extreme, by Edison, and alternating current (AC) advocated for by Tesla.

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02:11 Edison and Tesla Background

02:15 Thomas Alva Edison

            04:58 Electric Lamp Patent - Edison’s U.S. Patent No.. 223.898

07:03 Nikola Tesla

11:15 Edison and Tesla in Pop Culture 

11:31 The Current War (2017)

12:31 Tesla (2020)

13:39 The Prestige (2006) non-historical

            14:30 Topsy (Bob’s Burgers)

14:51 The Battle to Control Electrical Current Delivery

            15:03 Electrical Currents - Direct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC)

            18:57 Tesla’s Patented Dynamo Electric Machine - No. 390.721

            19:59 The Battle between Edison (DC) and Tesla (AC)

            26:45 Topsy the Elephant

            29:06 Merger into General Electric (GE)


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