Webinar: Amazon Sellers- Strengthen Your Brand With Registered Trademarks


The pandemic-era has fueled many abrupt changes in lifestyle including a massive surge in online shopping. It’s no surprise that the world’s most popular ecommerce site, Amazon, is reporting record profits with shares rising 60% this year. Third-party sellers are also reaping benefits. If you sell on Amazon or are thinking about selling on Amazon it’s critical that you protect your brand from fraudulent knockoffs and unscrupulous sellers. Obtaining a registered trademark is the crucial first step in enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry giving brand owners enhanced control over their product listings and brand on Amazon. This webinar outlines the process for registering your brand with the Amazon Brand Registry as well as the process of obtaining the trademark registration necessary to take advantage of the Amazon Brand Registry, from initial clearance screening of proposed trademarks through obtaining federal registrations.



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