CLE Webinar-Artificial Intelligence, Patents and ABA Ethical Considerations


Part of Volpe Koenig's CLE Webinar Series, this program was presented on April 6, 2022

Once only available as a sophisticated tool for scientists, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced to replicate more and more human activities in areas as diverse as home technology to medical devices and autonomous automobiles. The introduction of AI into the legal field is raising new legal and ethics issues, especially within the area of intellectual property. Although AI inventions are similar to other types of software, its nature of being more human-like makes it more of a challenge.

What does legal counsel need to know about this cutting-edge field of technology on both a foundational level and in relation to drafting patent applications? What is patentable subject matter under 35 U.S.C. §101 when it comes to AI? What challenges might counsel face when seeking to comply with disclosure requirements, such as Section 112?

This webinar explores the basics of artificial intelligence inviting attendees to learn more about:

  • Patenting artificial intelligence inventions, such as what can be patented, types of AI inventions, and claim strategies
  • AI inventorship/authorship
  • Lore surrounding artificial intelligence
  • Potential ethical issues that artificial intelligence may create

Jeffrey Glabicki, Shareholder, Volpe Koenig
Jay Halt, Shareholder, Volpe Koenig


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