WiFi Standards Experience

IEEE 802.11a/b/g Legacy PHY Specifications
IEEE 802.11e (QoS)
IEEE 802.11h (Power Control)
IEEE 802.11k (Measurements)
IEEE 802.11n (High Throughput)
IEEE 802.11u (Interworking)
IEEE 802.11v (Network Management)
IEEE 802.11z (Direct Link)
IEEE 802.11ac (Very High Throughput 6 GHz)
IEEE 802.11ad (Very High Throughput 60 GHz)
IEEE 802.11ax (High Efficiency WLAN)
IEEE 802.11ay (Next Generation 60 GHz)
IEEE 802.11ba (Wake Up Radio)
IEEE 802.11be (Extremely High Throughput)
WiFi Alliance Certifications

Additionally, Volpe Koenig has extensive experience in the following other IEEE standards.

IEEE 802.15 Bluetooth
IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover
IEEE 802.16-2005
IEEE 802.16m
WIMAX Profiles
IEEE 802.22 (Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN)/Cognitive Radio)

Volpe Koenig’s professionals have extensive experience related to IEEE 802.11 based WiFi networks.

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