Webinar-The Revolving Door: Intellectual Property Issues for Incoming and Outgoing Employees and Contractors

With a virtual and increasingly mobile workforce, the importance of protecting company intellectual property is critical to any business operation. This webinar focuses on crucial issues associated with corporate intellectual property documents as they relate to onboarding new employees (particularly those coming from a competing entity,) IP record keeping, departing employees, and agreements with contractors.

This presentation provides in-house counsel with the foundation of a practice management program to secure and protect corporate-related intellectual property. Topics include:

  • Ensuring your company’s library of employee agreements has the necessary IP protection language.
  • Establishing a check list to identify the need for supplemental IP agreements or additional language in “form” agreements.
  • How to handle onboarding employees and executives from competing companies or industries.
  • Monitoring compliance with IP agreements and broadcasting periodic reminders of employee obligations.
  • Providing a review of IP issues during the exit process and securing intellectual property rights from departing employees.

This course is pending CLE approval by PACLE.


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