Startup Case Study: ThePureBag™
Startup Case Study: ThePureBag™

When Lori Gildea became seriously ill, a close examination of her routine and symptoms led doctors to the likely culprit: her gym bag. Unbeknownst to her at the time, her gym bag had undergone a transformation from functional accessory to blossoming petri dish. As she regained her health and strength, Lori looked for ways to prevent another bacteria-induced sickness from disrupting (and jeopardizing) her life, as well as the lives of other active individuals. Her pursuit for a safer, cleaner and healthier workout bag led to ThePureBag™.

Lori wanted a solution to keep workout gear clean for individual health and overall well-being.  To that end, ThePureBag™ uses marine-grade, healthcare-quality material with two key protection mechanisms embedded, plus custom antibacterial thread for construction. The combination provides hypo-microbial protection by keeping bacteria, fungus, mold and mildew, and even viruses, off your gear. The key benefit is that ThePureBag™ products prevent these microorganisms from hitching a ride in or on your bag and into your car, home and office where they could live for days and even months. ThePureBag™’s goal is to keep you and your personal environment fashionably fresh, hip and germ-free – from the gym to your home.

 With an eye towards future sales and marketing endeavors, Lori, a previous executive at a large pharmaceutical company, knew that solidifying intellectual property protection, including patent protection, branding and trademarking, would “afford ThePureBag™ an added level of credibility in terms of the brand and the product value, and would bolster the valuation of the company in both perceived and actual terms.” This forethought led her to secure her concept by working with Volpe and Koenig, P.C. She says that “having sound IP protection for ThePureBag™ allowed my company to move onward and upwards.”

Throughout the process of submitting her patent application and securing ownership of her trademarks and branding, Lori worked closely with Volpe and Koenig President Jay Halt.  Making the transition from rough prototype to manufactured product involved thoughtful, collaborative and creative conversations to make sure ThePureBag™’s brand, construction and concept remained forcefully and securely protected. “IP serves as the platform and foundation for establishing, building and growing my business,” Lori says, “I view my IP as a top company asset – my ticket to the dance.”

ThePureBag™’s evolution from concept to product has been a labor of love. “Since day one,” Lori says, “Volpe and Koenig provides accessible, competent guidance and advice on key matters. Most importantly for me though, the team at Volpe and Koenig genuinely knows the brand and cares about my success.  Business startups can be extremely challenging, but it’s important as a company founder to know that your innovative and beneficial idea is capably managed by people who are genuinely enthusiastic about your success.”

For future founders, creators, doers, movers and shakers, Lori adds that while following your dreams is important, “making sure you have the tools to protect your vision at the start of a business venture can make all the difference in turning those early dreams into real success later.”

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